Three Ways to “Live the Dream” in France

Making the jump to the land of fresh baguettes is entirely possible

“It seems like you guys are living the dream”

“We could never do something like that. I can’t even get my whole family to the movie theatre easily, let alone France.”

What is the Uniform Schengen short-stay visa?

Now let’s say, however, that you are looking to stay for more than 90 days in France. Then what? This, my friends, is where you enter the exciting world of French bureaucracy.

I’ll simplify here. There are three easy ways for you to live in France for more than 90 days:

Option 1: A Student Visa

Option 2: A Long-stay Tourist Visa

!! IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not expect to come over on a Uniform Schengen short-stay visa and then simply apply while already in the country. Try it, and you’ll most likely be impolitely told to go home, do not pass Go, and try again !!

Option 3: An Entrepreneur Visa

Interested in learning more about living in France?

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