The 1 Question that Frees Me from Myself

99% of what I’ve experienced in life is 100% about me.

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Translation: “Be young and shut up!”

“I guess it depends n which stage of life you’re talking about. I continually find myself being reborn and redefined… not by my own design. When I was young, I was born was to obey my mother and father. Later on it became to provide for a family, even if at times I don’t know if I did it that well. That all changed again after my stroke left me unable to read and barely write.

The one thing I can say confidently is that most of my what I’ve done in life has involved trying to impress (my wife) Kim, which is hard to do because she’s so intelligent and a definite Southern belle.”

In less than 30 seconds Scott had transported me out of my body, making me an active spectator of what was core to his life experience, not mine. I left with the sensation of falling in love all over again, with Scott, with Kim, with the world at large.

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