*except for… no… never mind.

Years before moving abroad, I’d heard mythical tales about how lazy the French are:

  • “Oh those French… they’re always on strike”
  • “You only worked 35 hours this week?! What are you French?”
  • “The French are famous for taking coffee breaks every 15 minutes, for at least 30 minutes at a…

Why is it the best things in life are… so… French?

Living in France ruined my life.

Like a great love affair with a rear-view mirror, I find myself constantly looking back… wondering what it is about my France that makes it so… so… “magnifique.”

I don’t have all the answers but these are three things I absolutely miss since “moving…

“The thought of death fools us into forgetting about life”

For centuries Americans have been fascinated by the French.

From their impossibly bureaucratic mindset to the hundreds of cheeses they adore — everything in France is either endearing or maddening, depending on which American you stop on the street.

One thing, however, is certain.

The French love to drink deeply…

You’re not broken. You’re amazingly brave.

Living as non-binary is one of the hardest things I deal with, especially as a devout father, husband, and active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Too often I have felt like my inability to rejoin the “mainstream” of gender roles means I’m permanently broken.


What my friends don’t know is what really makes me sick

Until recently, I’d never considered myself mentally ill. Then I came out publicly about my lifelong struggle with gender dysphoria, which is when the questions started from family, friends, and strangers:

  • “What exactly is gender dysphoria?”
  • “Are you going to start dressing as a woman?”
  • “Does this mean you like…

Dave Smurthwaite

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